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Behind The Scenes With Blake Angliss

Motorsport rising star Blake Angliss will be competing in the Millers Oils Ginetta GT4 SuperCup this season, piloting a Ginetta G55 GT4 prepared by leading team Century Motorsport in one of the UK’s most competitive one-make GT championships.

Alongside the hard work on track to get the maximum performance out of himself and the car to achieve top results, Angliss also puts in countless hours of work off track to ensure he’s in the best position possible to achieve success.

Over the course of the 2022 season, we will be delving ‘behind the scenes’ with Angliss to see the different areas of preparation he focuses on … starting with his specialist treatment with ‘Chiropractic and Natural Wellbeing’.

Angliss has been visiting the Birmingham based clinic throughout his motorsport career to date, with a tailored wellness plan being developed and evolved in tandem with his impressive rise up the motorsport ladder.

The initial treatment plan was based on chiropractic from Dr Ann Ward DC, with the focus very much on helping Angliss’ nervous system work to its optimal level under the heavy stresses and strains of racing. This includes the g-forces commonly associated with motorsport, as well as the repetitive motions of steering and changing gears.

A combination of a chiropractic care plan and sports massages, the latter provided by his therapist Maxine, are fitted around the race calendar, with treatments given around 48 hours before each race weekend. The timeframe has been found to work best for him and ensures he feels energised, refreshed and in his best physical condition when he gets in the car for the first time.

Blake Angliss: “I feel that being physically and mentally prepared for each race weekend is very important. The physical aspect for me is not just about being fit enough to compete at the top of my game, but also relaxed so I don’t feel tensed up in the car.

“Working with Ann and Maxine has been very beneficial for me. It’s helped me to be able to extract everything I can out of the short time I have on track, as I feel physically prepared and ready to do what I need to do behind the wheel.”

Dr Ann Ward DC, principal chiropractor and owner of Chiropractic & Natural Wellbeing: “Blake is a hard-working, dedicated young driver who really listens to his body, and works with Maxine and I to help us give him a treatment plan that works for him. His focus and dedication to his race career is impressive, and for him to commit to an extensive, season-long physical programme of care is a great example of this."


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